Candidate speeches are an important part of any election. They allow voters to make educated and informed decisions on their ballots. In order for our club election to proceed as normal, nominees for positions that can only have one elected officer (listed below) will submit a video recording of a one minute or less candidate speech so that club members can meet candidates and vote accordingly. Speech videos are due by April 4th.


For your candidate speech, it is recommended that you introduce yourself, tell more information about yourself (such as how many years you have been in 4-H, other roles you have had in the club, or projects you have been in, explain why you want this position and why you are qualified to fill it, etc). Your goal is to make other club members believe that you will be a good fit for this role. To make the videos fun and engaging, we ask that every candidate shows something that tells more information about themselves. For example, if you play basketball, shoot a hoop at the end of your speech, if you ride horses, you can record your speech next to your horse, or if you swim, you can record your speech in the pool. This can be anything you want, but show the audience something fun about yourself! 


The positions requiring a speech include President, VP of Programming, VP of Membership, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Correspondence Secretary, Healthy Living Officer, Community Service Officer, Newsletter Editor, Media Officer, Store Manager, and Webmaster. The videos will appear in that order, so if you are nominated for more than one of those positions it is recommended that any speeches after your first are shorter. It is ok to remind the audience of what you have said in an earlier speech and make sure to add new information on why you are interested in and qualified for this particular position. 


Some things to keep in mind:

- talk clearly and loudly... we want to hear you!

- record your speech horizontally, so that it fits well in the election video

- make sure to leave a pause at the beginning and end of your video

- keep your speech to less than one minute


Record a horizontal video of you giving your speech on a phone or similar device. Email this to INSERT EMAIL AND NAME HERE by INSERT DEADLINE HERE. You will likely be prompted to send the video via MailDrop because it will be too large to send regularly. MailDrop works perfectly so select the MailDrop option when prompted to do so. This can take a moment so don't worry. Immediately after, please send me a separate email notifying me that you sent your video so that I can confirm it got through. Thank you and feel free to email me with any questions you might have!


Making Your Candidate Speech

Here is where you will have all of your candidate video speeches. Once you duplicate this site, you will be sent a detailed explanation as to how you will edit the template video to include your member speeches. 

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