Here are brief descriptions of all of the Club Officer positions available. You can find out more about the positions and what  serving as a Club Officer entails by reading the the 4-H Officer's Manual.


President: Provides leadership to your team of officers, including setting club goals, organizing activities, and planning programs for the year. Leads the monthly club meetings, ensures that officers give reports on club business, and engages all members in club committees and activities.


Vice-President of Programming: Working with the Executive Board, creates an annual club program calendar. Leads the program of every club meeting to ensure that club members learn something new or enjoy a unique experience.

Vice-President of Membership: Organizes outreach to get the public interested, excited, and involved in 4-H and our club. Takes roll and maintains attendance logs throughout the year.

Treasurer: Helps plan the club’s budget for the year. Maintains all the bookkeeping, banking, and financial records for the club and ensures the club’s money is used responsibly, ethically and fairly. (This position requires a significant amount of time throughout the year and summer.)

Recording Secretary: Takes minutes for each meeting. Create and keeps an updated secretary’s binder for the program year. 


Correspondence Secretary: Collects and writes all correspondence for the club.  Sends thank-you notes to guest speakers and to people who make donations to the club.

Healthy Living Officer: Leads monthly health-related activities and educates club members on easy ways to incorporate physical activity and healthy eating habits into their lives.`

Communications Officer– Club Newsletter Editor: Produces and edits the monthly newsletter for club. Requests content from Club Reporters and Club Photographers and any interested club members for the newsletter.


Communications Officer – Club Media (Formerly Historian): Collects photographs from Club Photographers and Club Members and maintains online photo albums/Instagram account. Assembles a mini Club “Yearbook.” 

Store Manager: Places annual clubwear order. Responsible for collecting forms and payment and distributing clubwear. Brings the Club Whites Box to every meeting.

Webmaster: Updates the Club Project List at the start of the year. Works with Club Media Officer to maintain the photo album page. Updates the front strip of the home page periodically.

The Following Positions can be filled by more than one 4-H’er:

Song & Recreation Leaders: Plans and leads a recreation activity at the General Meetings.

Club Reporters: Writes articles for the Club Newsletter.

Club Photographers: Takes photographs of meetings and events for Photo Albums

Sergeant-at-Arms: Opens and ends the meeting by presenting and retiring the flags

Club Hosts: Provides snacks for the General Meetings.


Prize Bin: Purchases prize bin awards and distributes awards at General Meetings.

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