As of August 31st, The 4-H Election Project is not producing any new websites. The Project will re-open next spring.

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2020 Election Site

Welcome! Once your club gains access to this site, you can customize it to fit your 4-H club's needs. Below is an explanation of The Election Project and how you can utilize it to benefit your club. Stay safe, have fun, and be engaged in with virtual voting platform. In this text box, feel free to edit in information you want your club to see.

Hello 4H Clubs!

This site is a virtual version of our clubs annual elections and polling.

The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has disrupted many regular 4-H activities and
events, including the club elections for positions in the 2020-2021 4-H year. We have developed this virtual election platform so that all 4-H clubs can adopt it for their club general elections. This website allows clubs to accomplish virtual nominations and voting that enables kids to participate in the annual club election during COVID-19 restrictions.
The coronavirus outbreak should not stop 4-H'ers from developing sparks in leadership through club officer positions. Independence 4-H started this website, but we want to extend it to all of Sonoma County by making it available to clubs in our county who want to use this platform for their club elections.

We've created this template so that you can easily modify it for your club. You will need to do the following to start your website:

  1. Create a wix account.

  2. Email Millie Wright at She will duplicate this template in your club's name so you can have viritual club elections and add you as a contributor to that site.

  3. Once you have acccess to that site, you will need to change the contact emails so that all information goes to you.

  4. You can then go through the template site and modify it for your club.

Suggested Order

Candidates submit their nominations

Candidates fill out the candidate statment form

Candidates film and upload video speeches.

Edit the Candidate Statement page and add the all statements that were emailed to you

Edit the Video Speech page and add all the video speeches you received.

Send an email to your club announcing that they can now read the candidate statments and watch the vidoe speeches.

Edit the Ballot page to include your candidates, then instruct your club to vote in the ballot page.

Once your ballots are tallied, announce the winning candidates on the results page.


 If you have any questions, email Millie and Mia at

Once you are done modifying the text, be sure to delete any of the red boxes on this template. These are just to help you as you customize this site. 

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